It’s funny how fast your life turns around..  I haven’t been this happy in such a long time.


My bank is doing a promotion where we can get a free image printed on our credit cards and I’m thinking about putting this one on mine:


I think it really describes a college student’s financial struggles.

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vibraniumducttape asked:
Study the ASVAB. Really study the mechanical parts. Then join the navy or the Air Force. Or, aviation school at a university. Stay in school and keep concentrated. Education is one of the only things that can get you where you wanted to go. Good luck friend. And always keep the faith.

The Navy and Air Force has been a huge option for me since I was in like second grade, but recently I’ve been realizing that I like my freedom too much and I want to explore the world too much.  I am still looking at ERAU and ASU for aviation, but I might head a different route and not pursue an aviation career.. Education will always be #1, HS just sucks.  I guess we’ll just wait and see where I go.  Thanks a lot man!